How do I get an account number?

What are the minimum order amounts for this year?

What if something is missing or damaged? Who can I talk to?

What is the best way to reach you?

Obtaining And Using A BPS Fund Account Number...              

Your order cannot be placed without the 26 digit BPS account number.  Our system now checks the number you enter with a list of viable account numbers in our catalog database. You must enter a valid BPS account number.  This information can only be obtained though your school (or departmental) secretary, through your approver or through our district's Finance Department.

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Minimum Order Amounts...       

There are no minimum order amounts to order through the catalog.

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What If Something Is Missing Or The Product I Receive Is Damaged?      

 Below is the name and phone number of each of our sales representatives who has promised to work with us in processing your return in a polite and expedient manner. 

APAC - Kathleen Potts at (313) 982-6400 ext. 112

DELL- Samantha Cotharn at (512) 513-9127

GRAINGER - Kristopher Head at (800) 237-3174 EXT. 387

SCHOOL SPECIALTY -  Customer Service at 1-888-388-3224

STAPLES - Customer Service at (877) 826-7755

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What is the Best Way to Reach Someone in Purchasing?

We want to provide you with the best support, service and pricing possible.  If you have any problems or suggestions, please share them with us. We can be reached Monday though Friday between the hours of 7:00 am and 4:00 pm by calling 248-203-3050 or by emailing us

Please remember that your order needs to be placed AND approved by 12:30 pm for the order to be sent to our vendors that day.  Your order will then be processed for delivery within one to three days.

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